Thomas Fougeirol

b.1965, France. Lives and works in Paris and Brooklyn, NY.

Painting is a record of action for the artist Thomas Fougeirol. He works on multiple paintings at a time, at his studios in Brooklyn and Paris. Because he spends most of his time in the studio, it’s always been important to find space in order to work. Using common materials, like rain, dust and fabric in unanticipated ways, he is conscious of how energy transfers to the work. For Thomas, editing plays a big role in what he creates, and almost two thirds of his works are unused or discarded. His practice stems from printing and lithography, and specifically captures his actions. Thomas recounts how he was influenced by Yves Klein’s painting as a expression of his performances, and wanted to interpret his own movements. Thomas’ gestures move from liquid to solid state, as images or abstractions emerge. Another influence is photography, as he runs ‘The Dust’, a photogram darkroom and collaborative project with the artist Jo-ey Tang out of his storage space in Paris. He is represented by Praz Delavallade, in Paris and has shown his work internationally. Thomas can tell if its been a good day in the studio if he notices a shift in his perception, for him, this is what art is supposed to do.

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