Scenes from the Studio is a documentary series, visiting artists in their workspace. Aiming to give insights into the artist’s process and the kind of activities that go on in a typical day, this series visits contemporary artists working in and around New York City. Sometimes the studio can mean an office, a spare room, a laptop, a gallery or a rented space, this series looks at the any-space that artists take up in order to make work. With varying skills, materials and approaches to art-making each visit helps to explain the way that artwork is distributed from studio space out into the world. The project was initiated by siblings Robin and Wilson Cameron; this is their first collaboration together.

Robin Cameron is a visual artist living in New York City. Her books are in the collection of the MoMA library and her work is in the permanent collection at the Whitney Museum. Robin received her MFA from Columbia University and is represented by the gallery Room East.

Wilson Cameron is a filmmaker based in New York City and the director of Scenes from the Studio. He has worked extensively in the film industry and was recently nominated for an Emmy. He majored in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto and is currently working on his first feature film.

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