Martine Syms

b. Los Angeles, California. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Context­ specific is the way that Martine Syms thinks about her work in relationship to the gallery space. She is preparing to open her first solo show in New York City at Bridget Donahue’s gallery. She lived in Chicago to attend the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, and when she graduated she opened Golden Age (With Marco Braunschweiler) which was both a bookstore and art gallery, focussed on independent publishing and emerging artists. She takes us through the ideas that she considers when making a show, from social, historical and economical factors to cultural signifiers that create meaning. She describes her process of research and beginning with texts as source materials. Communication being the most important aspect to her practice. Walking through the show, she weighs the reasoning of why make an image? Combining publishing, video and performance, she self­ describes as a conceptual entrepreneur.

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