Maia Ruth Lee

b. 1983, Busan, Korea. Lives in New York City and works in Brooklyn, New York.

A life well travelled would be one way to describe Maia Ruth Lee’s trajectory. After growing up in Nepal, she spent her undergraduate years in Seoul, Korea. Then, after various stints in Vancouver and Treviso she settled with her husband, the artist Peter Sutherland, in New York City. Maia spends her days in her studio in Brooklyn. She discusses her art practice; from what compels an artist to make something, to where she finds materials and when materials come to her in her dreams. She uses series of found copyright-free images from the 70s, painting them with her own lexicon of symbology. Her perspective is that ‘Happiness is an exercise’. Her new painting series she is working on, ‘Realms’ and ‘Women at work’, will be shown at Eli Ping Frances Perkins in early 2016.

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Images courtesy of the artist: