Maggie Wells

Lives and works in New York City.

Moving to New York City thirty-six years ago to pursue her work as an artist Maggie Wells reflects on her experiences. She studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design in the 1970s and eventually found herself interested in sculpture. She discovered ceramics at Greenwich House Pottery and has continued to work there for many years. Maggie’s goal is to find the essential form in her work, to reveal the unseen in the nature of her materials. She discusses art history and what she has been inspired by. She gives her thoughts about movements and trends within the artworld, and the landscape now for emerging artists. Her work has been shown at the American Design Museum as well as De Vera gallery in SoHo. Maggie speaks about her resiliency to pursue her career as an artist. She sees the power in the shapes and forms she makes, something that while personal holds a comical and quizzical element to it.

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