Lukas Geronimas

b. 1980, Toronto, Canada. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Drafting an idea is a big part of Lukas Geronimas’ practice. He spent time living in Hawaii and Japan, originally growing up in Canada. After living in New York for a few years he pursued graduate school at Milton Avery BARD College. He recently moved to Los Angeles, and this video was completed before that move when his studio was in Brooklyn. Discussing his inspirations from modern art and his love of materials like wood, plaster and graphite powder, he shows his process. Lukas was finishing the outside of two large plaster bathtubs, almost ready for an upcoming exhibition. The bathtubs were shown at Bodega, Cooper Cole, NADA New York with David Peterson and then at Andrea Rosen Gallery. He uses special tools to carve into the surface of the support, creating his own take on juvenile doodles. He explains ideas about simplicity and creating supports for things, and how objects can be comfortable with their own thing-ness.

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Images courtesy of the artist: