Kayla Guthrie

b.1986, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Lives and works Brooklyn, NY.

Words have as much texture and ambiance for Kayla Guthrie as color. This awareness is present in her voice both on the page and in her performances. Born in Calgary and growing up on Vancouver Island, Kayla moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue art. Her interdisciplinary practice includes writing poetry, short stories and essays, as well as drawing, letterpress, publishing and performing her own music. Sometimes her work will jump from the wall to the printed page as in Guthrie’s Book of Shadows, a letter-press small edition. Guthrie has also presented her text works as hand written calligraphy by Nathan Antolik in the poetry zine Sunsets Working, both books designed by Eric Wrenn. There is an invitation to the reader to take a closer look and meander within the text. Performing on stage, mainly in an art world context has given her a self-assurance with her music. Guthrie released Blue in 2014, her first vinyl EP. Blue is a selection of music from the scope of songs she’s been refining since 2008. Guthrie thinks her identity as an artist is fluid, for her, there’s little differentiation between the form that she’s working in, the most important aspect is to be understood, looked at or considered by others. A writer with a painting background Guthrie seeks to unify her mediums creating her own meaning.

to see more of Kayla's work visit her website here: http://www.kaylaguthrie.com

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