G. William Webb

b. 1987, Davenport, Iowa. Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Starting off with the idea that ‘art is an act of faith’ G. William Webb explores what it’s like to be an artist making his way through the world. He describes his practice as putting questions into the material and having a dialogue with objects. ‘The work will tell you what it wants’ paints a familiar question of object-hood. The son of a professional race car driver, Webb grew up immersed in the day-to-day operations of a garage. He sees his time in New York as testing ground for new experiences and ideas but knows that he feels most at home in the larger American landscape. Beginning with a ceramics class he explored sculpture while attending NYU’s graduate program. He has experimented with film and photography and is looking for his artwork to be both honest and essential. He walks us through his process in his studio working on a couple of new sculptures that are about to be shown at his first institutional show at White Flag Projects, St. Louis.

To see more of G. William Webb's work, visit his website here http://eitherelse.com/

Images courtesy of the artist: