Ajay Kurian

b.1984, Baltimore, MD. Lives and works Brooklyn, NY.

For Ajay Kurian, art is outside the stuff of categories. It is what squishes in between, the strange and unruly pieces and parts that miraculously hold together with an unknown glue. Originally from Baltimore, he came to New York to complete his bachelor’s in Visual Art and Art History at Columbia University. Soon afterwards, he began curating exhibitions under the name Gresham’s Ghost, a decidedly migratory project various, unexpected spaces. With lessons learned from curation, Kurian came back to his own work. From dollar stores and Amazon searches to fabrication centers and stone carvers in Vermont, Kurian’s practice ranges a wide gamut to do what he calls “sounding out a feeling.” His installations may include vape pens and giant gobstoppers, oversized Jacob’s ladders, and hand-made trashcans, but what unifies them is a search for a specific atmosphere, where ideas may come from personal histories, social problems, a book, a song, or a friend. What guides him is his intuition and what leads him there happens in the studio.

To see more of Ajay Kurian's work, visit his gallery's website here http://47canal.us

Images courtesy of the artist: